The Signs are coming to fruition👁
The Reign of Death Will Fall from the Heavens
The Ritual Cleansing has Commenced

Welcome to another jam 'off the cuff'. 1st take - raw.
It's lyrically surreal & dark - but I've been through some dark shit in the 'not so distant' past. I've briefly mentioned my Hospital stay & flatlining in surgery. Twice. That's twice dead. When I awoke, I thought it was the next day - but I had been unconscious in Intensive Care for almost a week. There's certainly more 'tales to tell' regarding this & other bouts with Darkness but all in good time.🌟
There's a whole lot of ideas streaming out of the Aether straight in to my awareness processing these days. The best thing I can do is stay the fuck out of my own way. This group of songs & jams and Screaming Meemies may just end up being some pretty damn interesting captures in Time. 🕰 Because of finances I've had to replace everything in my studio and its forced me to discover new and strange forms of recording.

Well that's enough gobbledygook for now.

Please indulge me & give this a once over if you would...or not.

take care

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