1. Morphine

A song from long ago.... when the World was young

Walking up and down and all around and up and down the avenue
See the Crack Whores and the Junkies - well they’re my friends
and you know what it is that we like to do...

We go to work to earn that dirty money
To stop our hearts from breakin’ in two
But you don’t that my heart is forever broken - Forever
And there’s nothing - no nothing - that you can do

So give it to me - Give me my Morphine
Sweet Morphine

Johnny’s off to prison - he bought from an undercover
Of another cop who was strungout - wearing a wire
And my best friend - who I trusted
Well he’s a rat - and he got me busted -
And now my Heart is Rusted
He’s a no-good dirty rotten liar

I swear to god - I’m gonna kick this shit today
I’ve gone and copped my last bag
And threw my points away
And I done squeezed all my cottons
Cause today I’m gonna away to stay
But you’ll see - I’ll be back again someday

So give it to me - Give me my Morphine
I need my Morphine
I’m climbing the walls baby - baby I feel so bad
Oh baby if you could just give me some of your Morphine
I’ll love you - like a Love you never had
Give it to me - Give it to me - Give me my Morphine


© Morphine -- Words & Music - Ralph Buckley - 2008 - 2015

A Blast from the past...so many songs ago…
Is the darkness gone? - The sin-eaters know..
The High Priestess takes me….In to the arms of Morpheus…
Life is a Dream

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