Welcome to the Songs of the Lost

There are many of us here.

The hypnotizing is deep with Love.

Sound & Frequency

There is Light & Sound everywhere...
For those of you with eyes - Let them See
For those of you with ears - Let them Hear

These are my Lost Sounds. 
Forgotten Colours.
Melodies that hurt.
Harmonies that Smile.

The Light that shines twice as bright
Only shines half as long.
And my light as shown very bright.
But Kalo will shine forever.

It seems twas over - as soon as it began.

Life imitates Art...

Listen or Watch if it please you.
The sounds might amuse you.
It doesn't really matter.

Now's the time to clear the Cloud Drive in my head.

The mind that's become too full doesn't listen anymore.

Seems I got lost somewhere between The World of Spirit and The World of Over-Amped lust that got to numb to feel.

We're all lost in fiat space derivatives. 
The monopoly money isn't real anyways.

Everything that is analog is a long-ago distant memory.

The Digital team has taken the field.
And there not giving it back.

A Universe of Cyborg Selfies.

Corporations can't figure out the Golden Rule.

Profit margins don't understand giving for the sake of giving.

So What is Real...?
What was Real...?
What shall be Real...?

Time to Re-Member

Time to Die

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