1. Black Magick


Black Magick

U know it’s forbidden
The truth it is hidden
The things U - did in - the past
Red is the flood
As U spill all the blood
But your last spells been cast
And it’s really quite tragic
All your Black Magick
On the Altar of Sacrifice
And all of your chanting
and your raving and ranting
And U never thought to think twice
About the Blood that U spill
Up on Capitol Hill
and the innocents U killed
so your cup could refill
while your people are dying
and U just keep on lying
well sorry we just ain’t buyin’ no more
Cause we’re one with the Earth
We Burn the Fire on the Hearth
Keep the Flame of the Starfire alive
and Let the Seed Grow
Give it all that U know
That’s how we’ll survive
Don’t be naive
The Black Priest he won’t leave
Unless - U and me cast him down
Cause now is the hour
To Take Back the Power
Bring the balance back around

© Ralph Buckley