1. In the Stars
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iN ThE sTaRs

I followed my Muse -
Inside a Museum
With Statues of Gold -
So very European -
Then I a saw Cleopatra - and I had a Wet Dream
God I wish You’d been there
Oh Yeah

Then I came across - Archimedes
He was overweight with ‘type 1’ diabetes
Then he showed me a map of the stars in the Pleiades
God I wish You’d been there
You’d be walking on Air
Like the Level and the Square
God I wish You’d been there

Then I came across - Julius Caesar
He accused me of being a ‘non-believer’
Then he had himself - an epileptic seizure
You’d a been astounded
As the senate all surrounded
and the ‘Whore of Babylon’ she mounted
The Seven Headed Beast
Then Caesar was deceased

Then we howled at the Moon - and we watched the Comet
With the trail of Blood - you know it made me vomit
But don’t you worry man - cause - I am ‘on it’
Like white on rice
Like cruelty on nice
Like Jesus H Christ
Hanging on a Tree
Suspended Magically
In the Stars - In the Starry Sea
Just Like U and me